LED lights on Medford City HallThe holiday season has always been a time for our Medford community to come together. Each individual, family, and neighborhood has their own time-honored winter traditions but one thing we can all celebrate is the Christmas lighting at City Hall. Let this year’s lights fondly remind you of seasons past while symbolically acknowledging the future in new, more efficient lighting.

By taking a closer look at the toy soldiers, Frosty, and his snowflakes you’ll see the future of City Hall’s ornaments. Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs have replaced the older tungsten filaments. The switch came courtesy of the Medford Vocational Technical High School (MVTHS) Electrical Department. Now taught by Mr. Adam Burns, the sophomore, junior, and senior vocational students learned about the benefits of efficient lighting and improved the beloved decorations. ¬†Using only .98 watts per LED bulb, as compared to 7 watts with tungsten, the city earns an 86% energy savings by using new technology.

The 200+ new bulbs, along with wiring and paint, are a shining observance of holiday tradition with modern eyes. The new bulbs were donated by Medford’s Chamber of Commerce, along with new lights for Haines Square. Each of the City Hall ornaments will eventually be upgraded thanks to the Chamber, but for now our community can enjoy the combination of yuletide past and present.

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