By Curtis Tuden, Medford Energy Committee

“It’s a life quality issue.” – George Pakenham (Activist/Director)

idle-freeThis quote from the film’s first ten minutes is the simple reason we should all care more about car exhaust. The complex reason is entirely up to the individual and George Pakenham spends an hour making sure every possibility is considered. All were welcome to the Medford Public Library’s free screening. Those who attended parted ways convinced things must change because the quality of our lives depends on it.

It is significantly more important to watch An Idle Threat than to read a summary. Visit this site ( for purchase or educational lease orders. Better yet, visit your local library and check out a copy, the Medford Public Library has a copy.

Keep reading for the run-on-sentence summary. When idling your car think the following, “I can turn off the engine or keep emitting carbon monoxide, [carbon dioxide,] sulphur dioxide, carcinogenic carbon particles, fine particulate matter and small amounts of aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene) and dioxins; all of which are capable of making children sick or triggering an older person’s heart attack while at the same time increasing the severity of climate change and “fueling” conflict over foreign oil, ultimately costing hundreds of billions of dollars and death.” Please decide to…


Since the film debuted in 2012 there have been multiple anti-idling campaigns across the world. Don’t be surprised if one starts-up in Medford. Contact the Medford Energy Committee to volunteer and play a greater role. The least you can do is turn off your engine.

An Idle Threat Official Preview:

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