Program Overview

Installing solar panels on the roof of a home

The Solarize Mass Medford program is a cooperative effort between the state, local officials, volunteers, residents and small business owners coming together to spread the word on the environmental and economic benefits of solar electricity.

Who Is Involved From Medford?

Like the other communities participating in Solarize Mass this year, Medford has designated a municipal representative, Alicia Hunt, who will offer municipal support for the program, and community solar coaches Gael Motz & Kathleen McKenna, who will coordinate the community outreach process, answer questions from residents and businesses, and be the main point of contact for community members looking for more information on the program.

Medford’s Solarize Team can be reached by emailing

Solar 101  Workshop

Attending this important program is the best method of learning about Medford’s Solarize program and making an informed decision about Solar PVC energy for you, the homeowner or business owner in the City of Medford.

Plan now to attend the next workshop:

Wednesday May 22nd at Medford’s city hall council chambers.

Please pre-register at:   More about the Solarize Mass program:

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